8 years later in a garden paradise

danielle and alessio’s wedding day was straight out of a magazine. the whole day was so simply amazing. but more than all of that, their love filled the day with SO much energy.

back in february we were trying to schedule their engagement photos BUT it rained EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! so finally we got to do it and the SUN SHINED!!!! it was a beautiful day and their wedding day was just as magical.

the day started out at her parents house. the bridesmaids were just hanging out, having a good time celebrating their bride!!! we went to the venue shortly after and OMGGGGG FREAKING DREAMLAND!!! i had shot here as a second shooter a little over a year ago for @peytonrbyford!! i was sick as a dog the whole day, and this year i had a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat. even after those 2 sucky things, i LOVE this venue! the hartley botanica is unreal. honestly. i’ll tag all the vendors below so you can check them all out!

i shot their amazing details and important things they had with them on their wedding day before hand. they guys hung out and hyped up their groom!!! the first looks came and OH MAN. the bridesmaids; all cried and it was so perfect. alessio; he was so shocked at how beautiful she is!!! and her dad; the most precious moment. he was so proud of her and it truly showed.

we were a bit crunched on time for the bridal party photos. even though they had a big bridal party, it couldn’t have went smoother!!! everyone listened and was so ready to get these two married!!! i mean it had been 8 years afterall??? then the ceremony came, they incorporated so many religious and cultural things.

once danielle’s vows came… there was tears everywhere. holy cow. they were truly amazing. i found out afterwards that she literally wrote them the night before!!!! you would not be able to even tell because they were INSANE!!!

the rest of the day followed, we had some fun with the bridal portraits (plz scroll to them.. they are some of my favorites!!!) then the dance came where daniey got DOWNN!!!!! they performed a song together and it was magical. they make seriously a PERFECT couple. the sparkler send off and spending a quiet moment alone under the lights was just so them.

shes a very outgoing gal, and hes a quiet dude. the whole day showcased them perfectly and im SO HONORED that i could be there to capture it all.

venue / hartley botanica
wedding planner / Karen LaForteza
videographer / Robbie
DJ / danny

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