hey what's up

this is my little family.

obviously, i am a wedding photographer. the one that loves the untraditional, all-about-you-filled wedding days, and the super laid back couples.

the tall guy is my husband, beau, he is an active duty marine and loves his kansas city chiefs, lazy sundays, and taco bell. speaking of bell, the cute pup is our lil child – belle. shes half husky and half german shepherd. her tiny, little 45 lb body holds a giant ball of energy and a ton of shedding.

more about me

hi friends, my name is beba (obviously lolz), pronounced bee baah. i am based out of Southern California but originally from kansas!!!  beau and i are both from kansas but since he is a marine, we are chillin’ here in socal for now!

I have crazy love for road trips, netflix (oitnb, the office, greys anatomy, gossip girl, pretty little liars, ya know? all the basic white girl shows), starbucks, and seeing all the crazy amazing things god put on this earth for us. the number one way to my heart is in-n-out. double double, ketchup, pickle, cheese only. fry, light-well, extra salt and extra ketchup. medium pink lemonade. i am probably one of the pickiest eaters alive.

i graduated a year early from community college where i ran cross country and track. so i have an associates in ag business. the ag part is because i grew up on a farm, and i got a ton of scholarships for all my 4h doings. but don’t let that fool ya, i sure love california a lot more than the country life that i lived in kansas.

soooo yup, that’s me and a snip bit of my life.

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