Hi guys! I'm Beba, pronounced 'bee-bah', although I do think 'bay'buh' is super cute, so you can call me that if you want. I have the most amazing husband, Beau. We've been married for 6 years. Together we have our pup, Belle. We bounce around to a few different places; Kansas City for the holidays / chiefs season, Hawaii for most of the other time, we go back to California often and then also travel all around. I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have a crazy love for the beach, sunsets, long walks, and spending time with the amazing friends and family Beau and I are blessed with. God truly is so good and I owe everything I have to him. We are huge believers and love to explore the amazing places he has created for us to enjoy! I truly love my job and look forward to every photoshoot, collaboration, retreat, and meeting!


Within my relationship with Beau, there has been so much growth: with myself individually, and with our marriage. I know our best days are still ahead of us, but some of the happiest times have been documented in the most precious ways. My goal is to capture your days exactly the way they unfold. Capturing the tears, the laughs, the moments that you want to remember forever.

Connection can be portrayed in person, but also through images. Capturing that connection that way your future children, grand-children, and anyone else can feel that connection is what we are striving for. My work is inspired by so many different things: picturesque views along the pch, the sound of waves, cracking fire with calm music playing behind, and all the simple moments. I'm so blessed to have these moments captured for myself so I know just how important it is!