hey what's up hello

Hellllooo! My name is Beba (obviously lolz), pronounced bee baah. I am a wedding photographer based out of Southern California and Kansas - reason behind that being is because my husband and I are both from Kansas but since he is an active duty marine, we are chillin' here in socal for now! His name is Beau, and I could never thank him enough for supporting the crap outta me. Together we are dog parents to the cutest freaking dog child ever. Her name is Belle and you can read all about her on the home page.

I have crazy love for road trips, netflix (the office, greys anatomy, gossip girl, pretty little liars, ya know? all the basic white girl shows), starbucks, and seeing all the crazy amazing things God put on this earth for us. The number one way to my heart is in-n-out. Double double, ketchup, pickle, cheese only. Fry, light-well, extra salt and extra ketchup. Medium pink lemonade. I am probably one of the pickiest eaters alive.

June of 2018 was when I went full time as a wedding photographer. I owe so dang much to Tessa Tadlock and Olivia Markle. They seriously made me into what I am today. If you are a photographer GO to their workshop!!! It is seriously life changing. Along with Beau, these two believed in me 110x more than I believed in myself. Everyone needs a Tessa & Olivia in their life.

Soooo yup, that's me and a snip bit of my life.