how can i get one of these??!

i am so glad you asked! just email or text me and we can get started on designing! i will have you log into your gallery, favorite the images you love and want in your book. after i see that you have favorited the ones you want, i'll design you a book for you to proof! once you approve it, i'll get it made & have it shipped to you to show off to all your family and friends!

is this just for weddings?

HECK NO!!! this makes for AMAZING guest books! i can design your book with a lot of white space to have laying on an entrance table at your wedding for your guests to sign!!
if you elope? this will be amazing for your family & friends to look at since they were not there!
anniversary session? maternity? just imagine having a book for different milestones in your life?! i cant wait to keep building my collection of books!

can you design it for me?

of course! let me take the stress off of you. i can design and curate it to look beautifully and tell an amazing story!

are we able to design together & pick everything out?

yes! if you are local, we can meet up and spend an hour at a starbucks making this your dream album! if you aren't local - let's hop on a zoom call and i'll share my screen with you so you can tell me what you like :)


other prints

not only are albums super amazing, but you can actually order these prints right out of your gallery! obviously i recommend the albums the most, but if you are wanting something other than a book there is some amazing things that are built into the gallery service that i use! i have picked the labs for these and they are the BEST!

– matted frames
– greeting cards
– calendars
– gallery boards
– magazines
– prints
– print pack
– frames
– canvas prints
– deckled prints
– hardcover books

do you want to know more?

past clients

you should have my email & my phone number! if you don’t already have an album, and want one, let me know! just email, dm, text, or call me! i can send you over a big pdf & video explaining everything. we can find the perfect album for your price range and get that glorious book ready to be on display on your coffee table for all your friends and family to see!!!

you have already invested thousands of dollars, don’t let all that just sit on a screen!


future clients

if you are already booked for your date, same as the past clients! just let me know that you are wanting an album and we can get into all the details of making the perfect book for you guys!!

if you don’t yet have your name in my books, just fill out the contact form and let me know that you are interested and i can send over those same documents!!!

don’t let your photos die on a screen!