why joshua tree, again?

so i bet some of you guys are wondering, “why are you going BACK to joshua tree”? welllll super easy, i’ve posted multiple times on my story asking where you guys want to go to next. joshua tree was definitely the top vote! and not going to lie, the first retreat was there, so it’ll be so fun to go back EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER!!!!

the place gives so many unique things! like honestly i can’t even wrap my head around how weird and unique this place is!!! hahah but really, this airbnb is going to be the perfect place for most of the shoots! it has so many features like the inside of the park does, along with outdoor bathtubs, and other fun things you’ll have to check out the photos to see!

all that + joshua tree really just has the utmost BEST light EVER!!!! i have never had a session there where i think “wow i wish it was….” seriously always the perfect golden glow e v e r y t i m e.

the details

ok alllll the details that i am so sure that’s what you are here for!!!

may 8-11, 2020 or just may 10 or just may 9
for the girls coming the whole weekend, we will meet around 6 pm that night and be done by 9 am on the 11th!
for the 1 day passers; it will be in the afternoon!

joshua tree! exact location of airbnb & locations is private for only attendees!
check out the airbnb photos below to see some of the amazing locations we will be shooting at!

there will be 8 spots available for the whole weekend!
then there will be day passes for the 9th and the 10th, there will be 6 passes per day available

oh guys! there is 2 campers, 1 yurt, and 1 house! we will draw numbers upon arrival who gets what bed! but trust me, these reviews are all gushing about the place, the beds, all of it! but since it is a bit spread out, there will only be 2 bathrooms! just be sure that you are good with that before signing up! we will be tight, yet so spread out with breathing room!!!

once you officially sign up you’ll be added to a group facebook group that will give all the specific details of everything!!!

i got asked a TON if some people could just come for 1 shoot for the san diego retreat,  so clearly it was a very wanted option! along with that, it is a cheaper route for photographers!!!

there will be 3 shoots on each day! on saturday the 9th there will be 2 engagements and 1 elopement styled shoot! and on sunday the 10th there will be 2 elopements and 1 engagement! since there will be 3 shoots going on at once, that means there will only be 5 photographers per couple! making for a lot of creativity and space to get the shots you want!


what's included

the weekenders 

– 3 nights stay in the coolest airbnb/camper/yurt haha

– all the delicious meals; dinner on the 8th, 3 meals on the 9&10th, breakfast on the 11th

– all the amazing shoots!!! 6 total; 3 engagement, 3 elopements/bridal styled

– 8 girls only, since we will be sleeping & sharing rooms!

– this is not a workshop, so i won’t be teaching a lesson. but i am a 100% open book! any questions at all that you have, you can come to me with! i will be doing a 2 hour question and answer each morning, we can also stay up all night discussing anything and everything!!! HERE FOR YOU



$1100 — 1/2 due to hold your spot & the rest is due 1 month before (april 8th)

if you have came to a past retreat, you automatically get $100 off!!!  my thanks to you guys!

it is non-refundable but can be transferred to another attendee!


the day passers

– access to allll the shoots on either the 9th or 10th!

– dinner on whichever day you choose

– 2 engagements & 1 elopement on the 9th

– 2 elopements & 1 engagement on the 10th

– boys or girls!!!! since there is no staying the night, im so happy to be able to invite both guys & gals to this!!!

– 6 spots available for each day!



$550 for the 9th! since there is 2 engagements and 1 elopement, less to plan!

$650 for the 10th! it is a ton more work & money to style elopements so that’s why this is a bit more.

if you have came to a past retreat you get $50 off!!! THANK U GUYS!!!

it is non-refundable but can be transferred to another attendee!