Branding Photographer | Small Business Content Shoot

Branding Photographer / Beba Vowels

As my photography business is evolving, one thing I have grown to really love is branding photography. It’s so much fun creating content for other creators to use in their businesses. I especially love shooting with ones that I see so much potential in like this one.

Maddie went to school with my husband Beau and we have known each other for years now.
I had recently posted on Instagram that Beau and I were coming back home for a few weeks. Maddie instantly reached out to me and asked if I had time for a quick shoot. Maddie was starting her new baking business called Maddie Makes and wanted some content for that. Luckily I had some free time and I was so excited to help her shoot some content.

We decided to do the shoot at a family friend’s house who had the cutest kitchen. It was perfect for the brand vision she had and for the photos we wanted to create. I brought along some of her homemade cookies, frosting bags Baking supplies for the shoot. I let Maddie do her thing and stop some casual photos of her in action.

Maddie and I chatted and caught up on life the whole time. It was so much fun shooting content with Maddie and seeing her start this new endeavor. I love supporting small businesses so much because I am one myself. I know how much hard work and dedication goes into these businesses and seeing people put their all into something makes me so happy!

This Branding Shoot was such a good time And I loved how the photos turned out! Sessions like these make me so excited for more branding, photography, and content creation. I always leave feeling so inspired and shoot more as a branding photographer!

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