building a timeline for your wedding day

before i jump into how i built these guys’ wedding day timeline – i just wanna say that they DESERVE THE WORLD!!! these guys are so down to earth and i am OVERLY happy that i was able to capture their day! they were honestly made for one another!!! and her dress from bhldn was amazing?!?! loved their little forest day!!

so i create timelines for the couples! 25 days before their wedding i send a questionnaire that asks a ton of questions! not only to create the timeline from but to also make sure i capture details that i otherwise wouldn’t notice! so within that i ask questions like, do you want to have a first look? how about one with your bridesmaids, dad, anyone else important that you would want captured? what time is the ceremony? how long will the ceremony be? where are you getting ready? and how far away is that from the venue? what time are vendors allowed at the venue and when are you? and A TON OF OTHERS, 29 questions to be exact! and from all of that i create a timeline that i think would best fit, i send it to them and see what they think and we adjust accordingly!

so for this day – they hired me for 6 hours and a second shooter! that made the day go easily! we were on time for everything, except the buffet took a bit longer than we expected so we didnt get as many open dancing photos as we had hoped. here is their timeline!

6 hours / 2-8
2:00/ beba and sarah arrive, start shooting details
2:30/ beba gets girls getting ready, sarah gets guys
3:00/ girls get dressed, kenzie puts on dress, first look with bridesmaids!
3:30/ first look with matt
3:45/ bridesmaids photos if time
4:00/ GET MARRIED!!!
4:45/ ceremony ends
4:45/ family photos
5:00/ bridal party photos
5:30/ sunset pics with kenzie and matt!!!
6:01/ sunset
6:15/ grand entrance
6:15/ first dance
6:30/ dinner
7:00/ toasts, father/daughter dance, mother/son
7:30/ open dancing
8:00/ fake sparkler exit, beba and sarah done

i hope this helps any bride and/or photographer trying to create a timeline! i know it can be stressful, trust me my wedding was SO HARD to create a timeline for! but once you get it – i suggest giving it to all the bridesmaids and groomsmen and / or family if they need to be in places at certain times!!!

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