Aslynd was my FIRST friend out here in California!! The first time we hung out was in the ghetto of LA, looking for ball dresses hahah. It was quite the adventure, but super fun. Ever since then, her and Bailey have came over multiple multiple times, we’ve had a million beach dates, went shopping, ya know.. all the ‘once midwest now California girl’ stuff 😉 When she said that Bailey was deploying soon and she wanted some pictures, obviously I recommended doing an in-home shoot since this was their first apartment together and I sure as heck would want to remember it!!! After we did the in-home apartment shoot, we headed to the beach (obviously) because you can NEVER go wrong with a southern California beach!!! Anddd it helps when you look like a model in your bikini @aslynd 😉 I miss ya already girl!!!! Enjoy the cold Nebraska snow this winter! See ya in MAY!!!!!

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