California Rainy Day | Alyssa & Spencer

Holy cow. Alyssa and Spencer couldn’t have been more in love. One of my favorite things is showing up to a session and automatically knowing it’s going to be a good one. These two helped me out with a mentor session. We owed that to – @peytoneruchti. She was the first girl I ever got to mentor. She may or may not be my best friend in Southern California now. Back to alyssa and spencer!!! The couple I originally had planned for had to cancel the night before. Therefore, I found these cuties on instagram and she was more than wiling. These two freaking rocked their session, even if it was pouring down rain at one point. After it stopped raining, they changed their clothes into the cutest biker outfits. What girl can easily rock a cute jumper, then a leather jacket with 501’s in one session?! alyssa. she is the only one. hahahha. I love these two and can’t wait for their lil’ human to arrive in 9 months 😉 scroll down to see the cutest announcement.

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