colorado mountain proposal | scott + ally

HOLY COW!!!! THESE GUYS ARE ENGAGED!!!! scott and ally, you guys have no idea how happy i am for y’all!!! scott reached out to me about a month or so before, knowing i was coming to colorado. ally helps me out with some parts of my business. so we came up with the plan of me asking her & scott to model for me, as a thanks for everything she does! man, did it work?!?! she had no idea!!! scott had texted me multiple times before updating and changing the plans. i could tell that ally had no idea because she was so laid back about it. she didnt ask barely any questions, she just went with the flow!!!

scott was suppose to give me a signal, so by him just walking away in the middle of a pose i figured it was time!! i quickly realized. so i grabbed ally’s attention away to “do a few of her”. (ya know, so she didnt see him getting the ring) then he just whispered sweet loves to her ear. i believe – the last thing he said before he dropped down was, “this is the last day of you being my gf”?!!!

holy cow, the tears, the nerves, the laughs. everything was perfect!!! we tried to do a couple shots afterwards but it just wasnt happening!!! we were all very quickly out of photoshoot mode!!!

so so happy for you two and wish you guys all the freaking love and happiness!!!!!!!!

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