Crystal Cove Beach Day | Alexa + Cade

This session was EXACTLY what I needed after a long time in quarantine!! Seriously, these guys were the cutest in front of the camera. Alexa was so nervous and kept feeling so shy. I don’t have that a ton, especially with girls as cute as her?! Their outfits, the scenery, everything was perfect! Just when we thought it couldn’t get better – the sun came out to play!! That golden glow, I hadn’t seen in so so long!!! Man, it brought back all those warm vibes that I use to love so freaking much.

When I got home and edited a few, it was the easiest thing! The light the entire time was just too good not to edit about a million photos LOL! OHHH!!! and Alexa is the sweetest friend now?! When we were walking back to our cars we both said “we should hangout sometime!” not really being able to tell if the other was serious or not. hahah. and then the next day we chatted a bit more & set a day date 😉 couple, turned real life friends!!! Even Cade & Beau are friends now too hahah! Love it when that happens :))


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