Crystal Cove Laguna Beach Couples Photoshoot

This Crystal Cove Laguna Beach Couples Photoshoot was one of my favorite nights.

The shoot at Crystal Cove was Peak early covid days. The beaches had just opened up again and I was so excited to shoot on the beach. Doing fun creative shoots when all the weddings were canceled was the best way I got through those tough months. Now, over a year later, I re-edited my favorite ones with my new presets and I LOVE them!!!

Find my presets HERE!!

This is my first time meeting Lex and Cade and we decided to meet in Laguna. Our first location was a fail because the beach was still closed. Then, we decided to go down to Crystal Cove and see if we can get on the beach there. It is one of my favorite beaches for engagements, bridals or couples shoots!

Luckily, the beach was open and we made our way down to the sand! The sun was just about to set and the colors at Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach were so dreamy. It was the softest glowy sunset and will forever be one of my favorites. Lex and I totally connected and ever since that day, she became one of my best friends! Cade and my husband Beau have even become friends which just makes me so so effing happy!!! All of our double date nights getting together with these two.

I loved their outfits and bikinis they brought along with them. Lex wore the cutest pair of Levi’s shorts with an off-the-shoulder beachy top. It was so perfect for this shoot. I literally left the session and bought the same pair of shorts and bikini that she wore!

Towards the end of the shoot, they put their bikinis on and went for a dip in the ocean. Those are some of my favorite photos of them playing around in the water. I feel like this shoot totally captured a summer night in Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Photographer / Beba Vowels