disney themed wedding in estes park, colorado

megan and gabe are total star wars nerds and i freaking LOVE it!!!! we did their engagement session last fall, super last minute and right away i knew we would mesh well. she messaged me on instagram saying her other photographer backed out the day of and she needed someone asap! soooo naturally, my sarcastic self, messaged her minutes before the session and said ” oh man im so sorry i forgot to tell you i cant make it anymore!” immediately i felt bad and told her i was just joking hahah! we laughed about it later but she said she didnt like reading that when i sent it hahaha!!!
during the engagement session they had starwars masks and all black outfits. to say it was different but so cool would be an understatement!!! they later asked me if i would be down to fly out to colorado in september for their wedding. I WAS HONORED!!! then when i got there, OBVIOUSLY i had to pull a prank on her again. i told her that i missed my flight and so sorry, but couldnt make it. she replied, knew i was kidding, and told me that she actually did miss her flight so that one really wasnt funny LOL!!!! OOPS!!
come wedding day – holy cow the DETAILS!!!! megan had thought of everything, scroll down and youll see all the amazingness that she put together. and not only is it all personalized, but she did it herself! WHILE being in the navy and she was deployed for most of the engagement! like wowza, i was overly impressed!!!! they ended the night with a light saber exit and staying the night on the fourth floor of the stanely hotel, which is from the movie the shining. INSANE. the most disney, scary movie loving couple ive ever met and i freaking love them for it!!!!
i wish them both the world!!!

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