Roamers Workshops

My good friend & business partner, Aysia, and I have created the Roamers Workshops! We hosted our first one July 2021 in Laguna Beach. Our next one is in Hawaii in January! Check out the website (linked below) to read more about it & be first to know about the next one!

These workshops are meant for photographers who are looking to focus on weddings, couples, and brand work! If you were on my about me page, you saw the timeline of how my business grew, a huge part of that was workshops!! I hope you take a look & sign up for the email list!

Roamers Website

The Good Life Podcast

After doing the first workshop, Aysia and I decided we wanted to make this SO much bigger. One of many ways we are doing that is by a PODCAST! This isn't all 'education' per say. But, we do have amazing guest speakers once a month that are so valuable! We mainly chat life, and are very open about where we are in our business journeys and personal life.

Click the link below to take you to our instagram! We would love if you followed us along!!

Podcast Instagram