Mallory found me on instagram and reached out to me to shoot their wedding, we bonded INSTANTLY. Literally like that same day I posted a blurry ass black and white photo and made the caption “If india earl can post these and get likes so can I right?” and she emailed/texted/dm’d/commented (one of those) saying she loves the blurry black and whites. So I knew it was true love from then. hahahah!!! So anyway – fast forward to me driving to their session in Boise. We were talking non-stop about how excited we were to meet eachother. THE TIME FINALLY CAME – I got outta my sisters truck and she gives me a huge hug and immediately starts talking about how excited she is and how much she appreciates me and what not. omg. literally. never felt SO LOVED. OK that’s a bit exaggerated but seriously, it felt so good to know she truly values me!!!! Then she proceeded to tell me that they were so awkward in front of the camera….. lol k. Biggest lie EVER!!! oh and I guess Sawyer was there too 😉 Hahaha jk!!! They are sooo dang cute and I cannot WAIT for their wedding and their bridals in April!!

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