importance of engagement sessions

let me just start with – ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT! and its a huge bonus to have your wedding photographer take them. it can really change the day from a shy hello to a WHAT’S UP GIRL, HOW’S YOUR PUPPY?! especially if your wedding photographer is like me and really trys to become every couples best friend!

during each engagement session i ask probably a million questions. ok not really a million, but atleast 50!!! by doing that i get to know both of you guys sooo much. vice versa too! you guys will learn a lot about me and my relationship because that’s usually how the conversations end up. by knowing all the answers, it can help on the wedding day as well!! if there is something happening or you’re stressed out on the wedding day because of something, i just bring up the first time he kissed you and bam, you’re distracted and thinking back to the real reason you are there!!!

the relationship seriously grows an insane amount by knowing them beforehand! it also gets you familiar how i shoot! i almost always hear at the end of the session “wow that was actually really fun!” 99% of the time that comes from the guy 😉 i also usually hear “i always wondered how you got those photos on your instagram!” then come wedding day, they know my moves + the pure love and adrenaline they are running on, the photos turn out AMAZING!!!

now, i get asked this almost every single time someone inquires – “do you include an engagement session?” i personally don’t! the reason for that is simply that a lot of my weddings are not local to southern california. and it really is a lot of work, yeah its a TON OF FUN! even though i have a blast, it still is time and energy, especially since most people want/need them on the weekend, which is when weddings happen and when i try to spend time with friends and beau!

now – how does this relate to this AMAZINGLY beautiful couple below?! wellll, they are getting married in italy, and wanted their photos to match the florence scenery! they found this amazing winery in temecula and we shot there in the morning before a wedding! it was such a blast and now they have photos that will match perfectly for their save the dates and invitations! just another thing to think about when planning your engagement photos. – location and outfits!!! 🙂

hope this helps anyone and everyone planning a wedding!

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