Laguna Beach Couples Session | Bree + Brock

Bree and Brock are seriously the most fun couple. From the minute that I met them, I related so much. Brock is a laid back guy with not much to say, and Bree is energetic and could talk for hours – which is me and Beau to a T!!!! Then after following Bree for some more time on instagram, I couldn’t love her more. Her energy for everything she does is from all the best places, she loves Jesus like no other, and is always radiating joy & love!!! Everyone needs a person like this on their instagram feed.

Instagram sucks sometimes. It is a mind game like no other. But, it brings me so many amazing people like these guys!! I really do have the best job & I enjoy it so so much! This session was a ‘for fun’ session to get my creative juices flowing after months off because of corona virus. It did exactly that. They had the cutest outfits, we had good conversations, and overall it was just what I needed!

So so so much love for you two.

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