margarets first email read – “we eloped in las vegas and never got wedding pictures”. i had to know more. if you know me at all, you know that i love arizona. so when i booked this i was over the moon that got another chance to go there!! their story intrigued me so much, but i always try to leave those questions unanswered until i get to the shoot. just so i can see their reactions in person!!! the shoot was of courseeee not boring at all. we constantly had stuff to talk about. well obviously, right? we shouldn’t run out of things to talk about when the couple elopes super young in las vegas!!

so a lil story about how that WEEK went. – my mom & sister were in town but left on tuesday. my brother in law flew in on wednesday. i asked him if he wanted to go with me (it’s a 6 hour drive one way) he said sure. the following day, beau found his dream car on a facebook ad. it was in gilbert, which is the next town over from where we would be shooting. so he came along too. when we got there, his mom was there!! total coincidence that she was in town for work! beau got his car! and his good friend from HS, had a baby! he had just moved to phoenix about a year or so ago. beau and kelly went to see the lil newborn, who looked so precious. tate went and took a nap at a family friends house. i went to my shoot! after that, the drive to back to california started.

such a crazy little chain of events but i wouldn’t change it anyway! margaret and adam eloped in workout gear on a limb in las vegas. we did their bridals. beau has a spiffy new 4runner. we got to see his momma. tate got a fun road trip ;). and beaus good friend had a baby!! serendipity!

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