Capturing Memories



I am here to capture not only you, your love, but also the party that comes with it! Getting to be a part of your big day is such an honor and I can't wait to chat more about it!


There is something so honorable about being the one to capture such an intimate moment. After 2020, I can see these being a more regular thing and I am here for it!

Engagements / Couples

The pre-wedding!! Before you're married, but after your done 'dating'. Such a fun stage and should always be captured! Not only for save the dates, but also for the memories.

Contrary to the name of this page, your wedding photos are so much more than a service. I am going to be the one capturing your most intimate moments and I want to be there for you more than just the wedding day! We will facetime, text, follow each other on instagram, and get to know each other. I'll send you stuff to help you plan your day + questionnaires, to help you get the most out of your wedding photos!

Post wedding : You'll receive sneaks right away for the family + gram! Then a few weeks later, you'll get a fun "Hiii! Check your email!" text. The best part is after, we will stay friends and I can't wait to follow along with your journey of marriage! I am here for you in so many more ways than my photography abilities.

so much more than a service

In case I am not available...

expanding my team has been one of the best things 2020 has brought me

As we all have said probably a few hundred time, DUE TO COVID I had so many weddings reschedule from 2020 to 2021, leaving not many Saturdays left to serve new couples. After one day of replying to a few too many emails telling them I am not available, I decided to bring on a few photographers to be there when I can't be!! I LOVE having them and am so excited to show them off!

I have a team of 6 photographer who are there when I can't be! I like to compare them to a substitute teacher, they simply are just there when I am not! I still do all the editing, communication, timeline planning, and delivering! The other great thing about them? They are half the cost of what it is to hire me, but trust me, not half the quality. I just want to be able to serve as many couples as I can!

When you inquire, all of my pricing + my teams pricing is in one big PDF for you to look through, along with a much better & more in depth explanation of what the heck my team is all about!

Let's chat about this!

Interested in video?

Wellll, great! I've teamed up with Cally Films to give you a discounted photo + video package!

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