North Park, SD Adventure // Ricky + Krysti

from the very first email i knew these guys would be special!!! their wedding is going to be so unique so obviously their engagement session had to be the same! they love north park. especially jaynes. i mean, they met there, got engaged there, and then ended the engagement session there!!!

we started out at a cute little coffee shop. after that we headed to one of krysti’s favorite book stores!!! verbatim books, super cute and so fun! ricky wanted a cool record shop, so we walked around the block and hit up that place!!!! man that was fun?! i mean nobody does that for their engagement session, but it was even better because they actually enjoyed these kinds of things!!!! it was so special to them. no matter how bad the lighting was, it was unreal!!!!

after their fav lil spots that were special to them – we headed to a laundromat. and UM OK, cutest laundromat EVER?!?! hahaha seriously what kind of laundromat is that cute?! we pulled up and i was like hmmmm ok i guess this could do?!?!!! a fan favorite, and i cant wait to go back there!!!! like all my dreams come true are in that lil garage laundromat hahah!!!

we ended with the cutest little restaurant shoot. the jaynes place that i was talking about!

what a freaking night!!!! cant wait for their wedding!!!!!!

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