Orange County Elopement | Megan + Patrick

Megan & Patrick original wedding date was April 17, 2020. Unfortunately, freaking corona virus ruined that. They still wanted to get married though, so we did just that!! They rescheduled their big party for next year on the same day, but still got married this year! Trying to find a location that was open & pretty was a bit harder than we imagined! I racked my brain for HOURS trying to think of a location. On top of that, we couldn’t reach out to many people since you never know who is OK with going outside & who isn’t. They made it work though! They found this awesome location!!! Said their vows first (after seeing a rattle snake on the way up) then we just took some photos! Super chill & intimate. Megan’s brother was there as a witness with me & that was it! Such a good night & can’t wait til next spring with these guys!!!


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