Beba Vowels Presets



Rather than just creating presets inspired by any single theme, Greg and I worked hard to make a pack that will create a cohesive look that are easy to use. Musing over true to life colors, this preset pack focuses on keeping skin tones warm and details intact while boosting shadows to give subjects added dimension. Clean, soft, and full of understated intensity that’ll pull light through a cloudy day, this pack is reminiscent of a calming day at the beach.

I have bought so many packs in the past; some great, some are not my favorites. I love the golden tones, making skin tones glow, and bringing life & light to all the images I take. Editing is such a huge part of all photographers jobs and I truly hope these bring some ease to the process!

Desktop Pack

Mobile Pack

Check out G-Presets' site linked below. Over there is a live editing video, more before and afters with each individual preset, and you can purchase them there!

G-presets site - purchase them here

If you aren't already following along over on instagram check out @bebavowelspresets. I repost so many of your guys' photos using the presets (both mobile & desktop!) I also re-share stories I am tagged in. That will be the best place to be the first to know about new packs, giveaways, and sales!

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