San Diego In Home Anniversary // Sarah + Chris

these two love birds!!!!!! so funny story, a few months back i woke up SICK AS A DOG but had a wedding that day. like most other photographers, i posted in a facebook group seeing if anyone wanted to come along, not paid, just to come assist if i needed it. and sarah was SO DOWN. after that i knew we would be friends. she had a passion for it!!! i mean, who else would want to come along not paid for basically a whole saturday!!?

so fast forward – i need a second shooter for like 5 weddings, she is down (as always). is an amazing assistant (as always). and then once wedding szn is over, she reaches out again asking if i could come to san diego to shoot her and her husband in their cute airbnb for their 5 year anniversary!!!!! *TEARS* seriously i was so stoked!!!! then i show up and its basically the cutest place!!!!

fast forward again – she sends me the SWEETEST gift. it was a lil succulent with a super good smelling candle. :,) honestly do not deserve her.

basically i love the crap out of you, sarah!!!! and chris – you are a LUCKY dude!!!!

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