aven and gavin.. some of my favorite people. i captured their love in some causal clothes back in october and i knew right away that we would bond!!!! so obviously their elopement in the glamis sand dunes was nothing short of amazing.

i picked the amazing florals up to start the day off. Callie of @wyld_blooms is too dang good. she killed them per usual. then after that, i picked up aven and gavin at avens college apartment. i saw that gavin had a giant bandaid across his forehead so obviously i listened to that amazing story hahaha!!! thank goodness for photoshop, am i right??!

we drove about 2 and a half hours to the middle of nowhere. we saw the border, we drove some windy roads and enjoyed the crazy view the whole way there. it said we were about 10 miles away and we were not seeing any dunes, the clouds were coming so we were getting superrrr nervous. but sure enough! apple maps took us exactly to this magical spot!!!!

when we pulled up there was a cop sitting there and we all got kind of nervous because california is known for needing permits in every single place (eye roll) but he just said we couldn’t go to the right. no big deal right? yeah so we ignored it, they changed their clothes, and we started it!!!

their vows were everything they loved about each other. i always try to listen just a teeny bit and i laughed pretty hard when i heard aven say “i love how you never answer the phone, but always call me back” or something along those lines hahaha!!! we laughed, they told eachother their love and boom bam, the sun was setting, we took it all in and made these crazy photos!!!!

aven’s style mixed with the dunes, gavin’s adventurous soul, and the beautiful sunset, couldn’t have been a better day. butttt it’s not done…. we got back to the car once it was dark and finally asked the guard/cop/ not sure what he was, why we couldn’t go to the other side and he told us because they were filming the new jumanji?!!! HOW SICK!!!? we were literally right next to the rock, kevin hart, nick jonas, all those crazy cool ppl?! we were basically shitting our pants hahaha!!!

after we got back into the car, we stopped at del taco for some DELICIOUS mexican food hahaha. then drove back. the drive back we had the craziest deepest talk. we talked about all the unknowns; god, the universe, heaven, the sun, infinity, the afterlife, everything. if you woulda heard our conversation you would of thought we were high outta our minds hahaha!!! i love those deep talks. and soon enough i was dropping them off.

thanks for the good day & always trusting me aven + gavin!!! so much love for you two!!!