Waimea Canyon, Kauai Anniversary // Brooklyn + Benson

i came to kauai last june for a wedding!!! i drove up to this exact spot 3 different times, just to be swallowed up by clouds and fog. so you can about imagine my excitement on this day!!!!! THERE WAS NOT A CLOUD IN SIGHT. well, until the end hahah. then it came in quick right after the sun set!

anyway, these guys. they are both from arizona. married each other right before they moved out to oahu. then started school at BYU in Laie!!!! so overly in love with their love!!! and fun story – when i very first was starting photography, i reached out to them to model for me!!! hahaha so funny how things work out right?!?! mucho love to you guys *mwuahhh!!!

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