lets get ya dressed

if you're reading this, that means that we have a photo sesh planned together!! AHHH sweet! obviously i'm pumped no matter who ya are. i have put together a little guide to help you guys choose what to wear! I have had some people show up just straight rockin' their outfit, and i've had some people show up wearing something that they're not comfortable in at all, which definitely showed in the pictures. which is the whole reason for this guide. I am no fashionista though!!! seriously, I wear athletic shorts and tshirts with some nike sandals. everyday. all day. no matter what. but I have learned a few things from all of my past shoots. they are only guidelines, not rules!!
so! the main thing is - be comfortable! I do not recommend going out and buying new outfits for you and your boo. sounds crazy but the best photos are something that you guys can pull out of your closet. an old band shirt? ripped jeans? oversized, old sorority shirt with some ripped levi shorts? MY FAVORITES!! plusssss - if a guy can wear some chacos and a flannel, he'll be a whole lot happier about the shoot than if he's wearing a stiff button up with some uncomfortable khakis.

a few guidelines if you’re feeling lost on what to wear:

first of all- bring options!!! there is no time limit on our shoot so seriously, bring some options and you can wear all of them or you can wear 1. totally up to you guys. i’ll pick and pull through the clothes you bring and you can change for each location we shoot at. this way I can make sure the outfits compliment the environment so the focus is on you guys, not on any distractions, which yes, can easily be some outfits. all you gotta do is bring some clothes that make you feel like a million bucks in!!

don’t bring your whole closet though, because then we’ll spend too much time searching through them. I suggest 5-7 tops and 3-5 bottoms for each person! then you can throw in dresses, accessories, hats, blankets, jackets, and whatnot. also, you’ll probably be changing either inside of your car or on the side of the road. if your not comfortable doing that, totally cool. just be sure to send me pictures of some outfits you have picked out beforehand so we can pick it out together!

Make sure it makes sense

where are we gonna be?

think about the location and conditions that we'll be in. if we're going to be going up a mountain, wear some shoes with good grip so ya don't slip and fall! beach? probably going to be barefoot. heels are almost always a bad idea. my style is full of movement. you'll be jumping, sneak attacking, getting shaken back and forth, so yeah... heels are almost always a no go. if we're going to be somewhere cold, wear some thick socks and boots, we aren't going to want to cut the session short because y'all are cold! and if its gonna be hot, just make sure the pit stains are to a minimum ;)

like i said, we'll be moving around a lot. so being comfortable for the temperature + what you're in is sooo important! movement and energy makes everything just that much better! so stiff new jeans probably aren't the best choice. broken in clothes are the best. anything that'll blow in the wind (i love windy photoshoots) is a go! flowy sweaters, oversized cardigans, my favs.



i typically like my couples to stick to neutrals. that doesn't just mean gray, browns, tans. it means instead of stop light red, a dark maroon. or mustard yellow, olive green, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange. those bright pinks, oranges, etc. make the skin look pinkish in photos. so just try and stay away from those colors if you can, and if you're still struggling, shoot me a text (9134266514) and I can help ya figure something out!


try to avoid brig bulky patterns because again, it'll take away from your face and the location. the smaller and more subtle, the better! flannels are alwayyyysss a yes in my book! especially if the girl has a big oversized one. my favs. makes the session that much more snuggly.


when i hear props, i think of ugly pinterest chalk board with some cheesy quote. but they don't have to be that cheezy hobby lobby piece of crap!! a big blanket for you and your dude to cuddle up on. a dominos pizza to feed to each other (plz do this), a super rad motorcycle, an adorable pupper named charlie (plz bring your dogs too), truck/car, canoe, bouquet, etc. and if you have something you want to incorporate, lmk and i'll find a way to do it in a non cheesy way!

hair + makeup

should ya get your hair & makeup done? if it makes ya feel like beyonce then heck ya! i personally wouldn't if i was going to a photoshoot because i hardly wear makeup as it is. and your hair? just be prepared to swing it all over the place. i love movement if you haven't been able to tell hahah.

for the dudes

i love those logo flat bill hats. if its cool with your woman, its 150% cool with me. super casual. this doesn’t have to be some big dress up christmas eve church service type thing if you guys don’t want it to be! you betcha left nut i’ll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, messy bun with no makeup! seriously tho. if you have a favorite sports team and have a jersey (GO CHIEFS), bring it! you can either wear it or we’ll throw it on ya girl and make her look super sexy.

that's all she wrote

If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to text me! you have my phone number from up above! If you’re still freakin out about what to wear feel free to shoot me a pic or two of what you’re thinking, or we can create a little Pinterest board together! But overall, just wear what you’re comfortable in and feel like you in. A pair of Vans you’ve had since 8th grade? Great. A sweater you wore for basically a month straight? Awesome. A hat that you know your mom hates? Perfect. You do you, and I promise the photos will turn out amazing. i am so super pumped to meet ya and create some dope pictures!!